Lack of New Homes can help in Selling your Home

As of  February 9, 2011, there were only 191 New Homes for sale in the Conroe, Willis, and Montgomery  area compared to 1,110 resale homes.  That means only 15% of the homes on the market are New Homes.

There are many Buyers who only want new homes and are not able to find them due to the lack of inventory.  The lack of new homes will probably continue for awhile as lenders are still wary of making loans to Builders to construct new homes.

This lack of new home inventory is good for the resale market since Buyers are not able to find a new home that fits their needs.  Therefore, Sellers today need to tap into this market by updating and making there home feel like a new home.

Your home will have a much better chance of selling by painting the home inside and outside, replacing old carpet, updating the kitchen and replacing the roof if needed and more importantly keeping the house in great shape and very clean.  The expense of doing this should be able to be recovered by an increase in the sales price of the home.

You should also de-clutter the home, keep the yard and landscaping well maintained, have the exterior of house powered washed and throw away any items laying around outside that is no longer needed.

By making your home look and feel new, you will attract all resale buyers and buyers who are looking for a new or almost new home. A lot of Buyers want to just move in and enjoy there home and not have to remodel, update and clean a home.

Consult with your Realtor before making any changes in your home and listen to their opinions and suggestions on what they feel should be done in order to sell your home quickly and at the highest price.

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