Lake Conroe Real Estate Update

Real Estate sales around and especially on Lake Conroe, has remained steady with no significant increase in sales from prior periods.  With the lake being over 8 feet low and all the talk about The Woodlands and city of Houston needing water from Lake Conroe, the sales have not decreased much, but has not improved much either with the improved economy in Montgomery County.

I have heard many people express that the Lake will always be at low levels now that the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District (LSGCD) has recently adopted regulations giving all large groundwater users in Montgomery County until January 1, 2016, to reduce their consumption of groundwater by 30%.  In able to meet this requirement, a pipeline system is being constructed to The Woodlands and other areas allowing them to use water from Lake Conroe. But most people do not know the affect this will have on Lake Conroe and they assume the Lake will always be low.  The facts are below:

1.)   On average, Lake Conroe releases 7 feet of water each year from the dam because of too much rain.

2.)   The LSGCD’s proposal to use water from Lake Conroe would only take 1 foot of water per year for the years 2016-2025, 2 feet for the years 2026-2035, 3 feet for the years 2036-2045 and 4 feet for the years 2046-2055.

Therefore, the public will not notice the difference in lake levels at all unless there is an extreme drought as we just went through.  Even with that drought, the Lake has already come up over 5 feet from a low of over 8 feet in just a couple of months.  For more information on the affect of the LSGCD’s proposal on Lake Conroe, visit the San Jacinto River Authority website at

While the lake was low, the Lake Conroe Association along with the family that owns EZ Boat Storage & Valet Launch and the Palms Marina pooled private funds to embark on a stump cutting project to eliminate the stumps in the main body of the lake (not the tributaries, shorelines or fingers that feed the lake).  This project covered an area from the dam on the south end all the way north to the southern point of Cape Malibu or approximately 2.5 miles north of the FM 1097 bridge (see attached map).  This project is complete and it can be stated that virtually all stumps visible at the 192.68 MSL lake level have been cut.  There were approximately 400 stumps targeted and they were all cut approximately 8 feet below the 192.68 MSL level.  The stumps were not removed from the lake as approximately 95% of the stumps sunk to the bottom of the lake providing an enhanced fishing habitat.  Lake Conroe is a safer and more navigable lake because of the support of the Lake Conroe Association, San Jacinto River Authority, Texas Parks & Wildlife, Texas Black Bass United and the Texas B.A.S.S. Federation.  The map below is an approximate outline showing where the lake is stump free.

Lake Conroe will always be a great recreational lake and will continue to prosper for many years to come.  So please let the naysayers know that the Lake will remain a great and even safer lake in the years to come.

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