Lake Conroe Water Level Update

Lake Conroe has of late been a little more than 8 feet below normal level, the lowest level ever in the lake’s 40 years existence.  As of January 12, the lake was approximately 7 feet below normal. This has made it almost impossible for any homeowner on the lake to access the lake from their dock and has closed most of the public boat launches.  As of January 12, only Lakeview Marina, Cagle Boat launch on the far north end of the lake and Stow Away Marina are open.  The low lake level has had very little impact on the Waterfront home sales, as most Buyers are aware that these low levels are unusual and due to the severe drought.  Those familiar with the lake know it will return to normal soon.  However, there are others that seem to forget the amount of rainfall the Houston area normally receives each year and assume that the Lake will take a long time to fill.  We just have to remind them of our normal rainfalls and the fact that the San Jacinto River Authority voluntarily releases on average 7 feet of water from Lake Conroe each year just for flood control.

The good news is that the lake’s low water level has allowed the Lake Conroe Association (LCA), San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA), Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPWD), E-Z Boat Storage (EZ) and the Palms Marina to work together in an effort to eliminate the stumps located in the main parts of the lake on the south and north end of Lake Conroe.  TPWD has said that their department may be able to contribute $3 to every $1 donated by the private sector in state and/or federal funds to clean up the stumps in the main body of the lake as well as clearing boat lanes up on the North end of the lake.  This will allow fishermen and boaters greater access to the lake.  If all entities work together and get this accomplished, this will make Lake Conroe a much safer lake with the elimination of stumps on North end  and the creation of boating lanes in the areas of the lake where there are dense clusters of trees, allowing much greater access on the north side of the lake

Since the matching funds will require time to obtain, and are not certain to be approved, E-Z Boat Storage and Palms Marina will start the clearing and paying for the stump removal now.  They did not want to wait a month or so for the funds as the Lake could rise thus making it difficult to locate the stumps. This project should be completed by mid February

Once this is complete and the lake gets back to it’s more normal levels, Lake Conroe will be a better and safer lake.  Hopefully, we will continue getting normal rainfall around Lake Conroe and be full again before the summer season begins.

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